Elisa is the ONLY candidate who has taken on the far-left progressive agenda and WON.
The only candidate who has been fighting for New Mexico’s values for more than 10 years.
Worked with every level of government — from serving on Governor Susana Martinez’s transition team, to working with Congress on the Select Panel on Infant Lives.
Worked with the New Mexico legislature for more than 5 years, and now serves on the White House Coalition for Hispanic Engagement.
The most accomplished GOP candidate seeking the open Senate seat, and the best equipped to take on and defeat Ben Ray Luján.
Served as a spokesperson and has done hundreds of media interviews on behalf of victims’ rights as an advocate for traditional New Mexico values.

Native New Mexican

Growing up in Gallup, New Mexico — the heart of Indian country — Elisa learned firsthand the importance of self reliance. As wards of the federal government, American Indian reservations are managed through a broken system of socialist style governance.

Private property rights don’t exist, residents often rely on the government for work or assistance, and many businesses are unwilling to invest due to convoluted legal requirements. Her upbringing within this system had a profound impact on Elisa and her view of government’s role in society.

Elisa graduated from Gallup public schools and worked her way through college at the University of New Mexico, where she earned her degree in Economics.

Pro-business leader

Elisa comes from a family of small business owners; her great-grandfather owned one of the first trading posts in the Gallup area. While working for her dad’s small business, she witnessed the poverty and destruction socialist style policies had on her people and her peoples’ land.

Determined to make a difference, Elisa joined the Libre Initiative where she successfully promoted the economic policies of free markets, self-reliance and entrepreneurship in New Mexico's Latino communities. She was the first New Mexico field representative for the organization.

Elisa strongly believes in small government and lower taxes. She has been a tireless advocate for small business owners and entrepreneurs. She is a vocal supporter of USMCA and the substantial benefits it brings to New Mexico farmers, ranchers, and business owners.

Defender of Life

In 2015 Elisa founded the New Mexico Alliance for Life, a pro-woman, pro-life organization. She worked with the Congressional Select Panel on Infant Lives to expose aborted baby body parts and infanticide in New Mexico, which resulted in the issuance of two criminal referrals in 2016.

In 2019, Elisa led the NM Alliance for Life as it spearheaded an historic statewide, bipartisan effort to defeat a radical abortion up to birth bill backed by the Democrat Governor in the Democrat-controlled legislature.

Elisa helped lead the effort to bring together 8 Democrats and 16 Republicans to defeat the infanticide bill in the New Mexico State Senate.

U.S. Senate candidate

In November 2019, Elisa received national attention when she announced her intention to run for New Mexico’s open U.S. Senate seat.

In addition to mobilizing the Republican base, Elisa will mobilize women, Hispanics, Native Americans, millennials and Christians. Elisa built a bipartisan, statewide organization from scratch to 28,000 members - passionate, issue-based supporters who mobilize and donate in elections.

New Mexico will be an election battleground state in 2020. Elisa’s biography, crossover appeal and demonstrated ability to build and mobilize an effective statewide political organization in this presidential battleground state make her the strongest candidate in the 2020 New Mexico Senate race.

She will draw votes across traditional party lines in the general election in this open seat election, where Democrats don’t have an incumbent advantage.

Elisa is a new face, and an outsider with accomplishments, who represents conservative positions in a way that reaches across party lines. She offers a clear choice and a new voice to voters that reflects New Mexico’s values in the race against career politician Ben Ray Luján.
Please mail checks to:
2270-D Wyoming Blvd. NE #204
Albuquerque, NM 87112